Whether you saved some room or you need to take it to go, you cannot leave Copeland’s without trying one of our delectable desserts.

  • Bananas Foster 6.99

    served over gourmet ice cream

  • White Chocolate Bread Pudding 7.99

    French bread soaked in vanilla custard baked with white chocolate

  • Alex's Carrot Cake 7.99
  • Al's Chocolate Fudge Cake 7.99


  • Signature Cheesecake 5.99

    Our original creamy cheesecake with buttery pecan crust

  • Al's Favorite Homemade Creole Style Cheesecake 5.99

    Light fluffy no bake cheesecake with thick pecan crust

  • Cheesecake Toppings 2.00 each

    Fresh ripe strawberry, fresh blueberry, bananas foster, caramel, chocolate fudge, white chocolate raspberry, or white chocolate strawberry.

  • Chef crafted cheesecakes $7.99

    Killed By Chocolate
    Red Velvet
    Cookies and Cream

JDC - Big Al's Chocolate Fudge Cake