NOLA Brunch Classics: A Culinary Tour

Have you ever found yourself wondering, “What is brunch?” If so, you’re not alone. Brunch is a midday meal that merges breakfast and lunch. It offers a mix of sweet and savory foods and is enjoyed by many. But what is brunch food, exactly? The answer to that question can be different depending on where you are in the world. In this article, we’re taking you on a culinary tour of some New Orleans brunch classics that you can enjoy right here in Jacksonville, Florida.

The Origins of Brunch

Before we dive into the delicious world of NOLA brunch classics, let’s first explore the concept of brunch a bit further. The word “brunch” was initially introduced in an article published in Hunter’s Weekly in 1895. The author, Guy Beringer, proposed it as a way for people to enjoy a longer, more leisurely meal on Sundays. So, is brunch only on weekends? While brunch was originally intended for Sundays, it has evolved to include Saturdays and, in some places, weekdays too.

What Time Is Brunch Usually?

Another common question is, “What time is brunch usually?” Typically, brunch is served between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. This timing allows for a leisurely late breakfast or early lunch, perfect for those slow weekend mornings. The timing of brunch offerings can differ depending on the restaurant.

NOLA Brunch Classics

Now that we’ve covered what brunch is and what time brunch is usually let’s explore some of the classics on a brunch menu in New Orleans. The Big Easy’s brunch scene is renowned for its unique blend of Creole and Cajun influences, making it a culinary experience unlike any other.

Eggs Sardou

One of the most popular NOLA brunch classics is Eggs Sardou. This dish consists of poached eggs served atop artichoke hearts and creamed spinach, then smothered in rich hollandaise sauce. It’s a deliciously indulgent way to start your brunch.

Shrimp and Grits

Another staple on any New Orleans brunch menu is shrimp and grits. This dish features succulent shrimp sautéed with spices and served over creamy, buttery grits. It’s a hearty, comforting dish that perfectly encapsulates what is brunch food in New Orleans.

Beyond the Classics: A Taste of New Orleans

Eggs Sardou and Shrimp and Grits are certainly NOLA brunch royalty, but there’s a whole kingdom of flavors waiting to be explored. Here are some additional dishes that exemplify the unique culinary spirit of the Big Easy:

  • Beignets: These iconic New Orleans pastries are a must-try for any brunch enthusiast. Light and fluffy squares of fried dough dusted with powdered sugar, beignets are a delicious way to satisfy your sweet tooth. Traditionally enjoyed with a cafe au lait (strong coffee with chicory and steamed milk), they’re a perfect pairing for a leisurely morning.
  • Breakfast Po’Boy: No trip to New Orleans, even a culinary one via Jacksonville’s restaurants, is complete without a Po’Boy. This iconic sandwich gets a brunch makeover with fillings like fluffy scrambled eggs, melted cheese, and your choice of protein like bacon, ham, or sausage. All this goodness is piled high on a crusty French bread roll, creating a symphony of textures and flavors.
  • Pain Perdu: This French toast variation translates to “lost bread,” but there’s nothing lost about the deliciousness of this dish. Vanilla and cinnamon-flavored custard mixture soak thick slices of French bread, which are then pan-fried until golden brown. Pain Perdu is often served for breakfast with fresh fruit, whipped cream, or maple syrup.
  • Tasso and Eggs: This dish showcases the bold flavors of Cajun cuisine. Tasso, a spicy smoked pork sausage, is diced and sauteed with onions and peppers. Scrambled eggs are then added and cooked to your liking. The combination of smoky, spicy sausage with creamy eggs creates a flavor explosion that’s perfect for those who like a little kick in their brunch.
  • Bananas Foster: For a truly unforgettable ending to your New Orleans brunch experience, look no further than Bananas Foster. This flamboyant dessert features flambéed bananas in a buttery rum sauce with a touch of cinnamon and vanilla. Served with vanilla ice cream, it’s a theatrical and delicious way to cap off your brunch journey.

A Taste of New Orleans in Jacksonville

Jacksonville may not be the French Quarter, but thanks to the city’s vibrant culinary scene, you can still experience the magic of NOLA brunch. Many local restaurants offer their own interpretations of these classic dishes, allowing you to savor the flavors of the Big Easy without leaving Florida.

Beyond the Plate: The Soul of NOLA Brunch

NOLA brunch is more than just food; it’s an experience. It’s about lingering over a leisurely meal with friends and family, enjoying live music, and soaking up the laid-back atmosphere. So, the next time you find yourself in Jacksonville, seek out a restaurant offering a taste of New Orleans brunch. Order a plate (or two) of these classic dishes, sip on a mimosa, and let the good times and delicious flavors roll.

NOLA Brunch at Home: A Jacksonville Twist

Craving a taste of the Big Easy but short on time or can’t make it to a restaurant? Don’t fret! Here’s how you can recreate the magic of NOLA brunch at home with a Jacksonville twist:

  • Local Ingredients, Big Easy Flavors: Jacksonville boasts a thriving farmers market scene. Embrace the spirit of NOLA by incorporating fresh, local ingredients into your brunch spread. Think plump shrimp from the Atlantic coast for your shrimp and grits, or juicy peaches for a refreshing topping on your pain perdu.
  • DIY Hollandaise: Eggs Sardou demands a rich hollandaise sauce. While it may seem intimidating, this sauce can be surprisingly easy to make at home. Look for recipes online that utilize a blender or food processor for a foolproof method.
  • Get Creative with Po’Boys: The beauty of the Po’Boy is its versatility. Take advantage of Jacksonville’s fresh seafood scene and swap out traditional fillings for options like grilled mahi-mahi or blackened shrimp.
  • The NOLA Soundtrack: Set the mood with a curated playlist of New Orleans jazz or brass band music. Let the lively tunes transport you to the heart of the French Quarter, right from your kitchen.
  • Mimosa Bar: No NOLA brunch is complete without a mimosa. Personalize your mimosa with a variety of juices and fruits at your mimosa bar. Don’t forget the classic orange juice, but consider adding a local twist with grapefruit or guava juice.
  • Beignets Made Easy: While mastering the art of beignets might take some practice, there are plenty of easy recipes available online that utilize pre-made puff pastry. Dust them with powdered sugar and pair them with strong coffee brewed with a touch of chicory for an authentic NOLA experience.

With some planning and creativity, you can bring the vibrant flavors and celebratory spirit of New Orleans brunch to your Jacksonville home. So gather your friends and family, crank up the music, and indulge in a taste of the Big Easy, Jacksonville style!

Is Brunch Only On Weekends?

As we mentioned earlier, while brunch was originally intended for Sundays, it has evolved to include Saturdays and, in some places, weekdays too. At Copeland’s of New Orleans in Jacksonville, FL, we serve our delicious NOLA brunch classics seven days a week. So, whether you’re wondering, “What time is brunch usually?” or “Is brunch only on weekends?” the answer at Copeland’s is anytime you’re in the mood for some delicious brunch food.

Escape to New Orleans for Brunch: Seven Days a Week at Copeland’s!

Craving a taste of New Orleans without leaving Jacksonville? Look no further than Copeland’s of New Orleans! We offer a mouthwatering brunch menu. Indulge in a leisurely brunch experience seven days a week. Savor the flavors of the Big Easy with friends and family, and let the good times and delicious food flow. Copeland’s is your one-stop shop for an unforgettable NOLA brunch in Jacksonville, FL!

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